Great for business. Good for the world.


Good for business.
Great for the world.

Greater Good works closely to assess your needs and develop an authentic, integrated strategy.

With a custom, easy-to-implement plan in place, recruiting and retention goes more smoothly. Suddenly, you have a PR story that resonates. People respond more positively to your brand. And, of course, there are bottom line advantages. Most of all, we help you increase your impact on causes that matter.

Greater Good In Action:

There’s an easy way to get started!

Impact Audit
Assessment of your company’s past + current giving and recommendations for strategic community impact objectives.

If you want to become best in class, add these steps.

Strategy + Plan
Work together to develop a Community Impact Strategy with clear action steps

Team-based pilot testing with Greater Good coaching

Regular check-ins, along with annual evaluation


The advantages are hard to ignore:

Impact statement and strategy, aligned to your mission and vision

Roadmap for unifying employees behind a common cause

Facilitated connection to nonprofits in your community

Increased media opportunities and PR profile

Guidance to ensure you remain on track

Competitive advantage in your market


From helping business leaders quantify and understand the investment they’re making to bringing sustainable support to worthy causes, the benefit of Greater Good is undeniable.”

 -Jim Davis, Executive Director, Westside Collaborative